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Mean What You Say As Feud Between Wiz And Kanye Not Over



Wiz Khalifa’s blood feud with Kanye West is far from over even though Kanye apologized.

Wiz was on “The Breakfast Club” Friday morning when he revealed he and ‘Ye aren’t exactly on speaking terms after war erupted in January. If you forgot, during one of his Twitter rants, West went in on Amber Rose, Wiz and even mentioned their son.

Kanye claimed he owns Wiz’ child Sebastain and without him he wouldnt even have a child. I guess that will never sit well with Wiz because of the love he has for his only child which he always talks about.

As reported, Yeezus actually called Wiz and apologized, but Wiz says Kanye’s apology is fake and he should mean what he says and qll he in all he really doesnt like the The Life Of Pablo rapper.

Kanye should actually stop talking about Amber Rose and her escapades for real.


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