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Kendall Jenner Bares Her Br**sts and N**ple Piercing in New Photos



2014 was crowned the Year of the Nipple and it was all thanks to Rihanna after she stepped out in the crystal naked dress that she wore to the CDFA Awards. Since then, the ‘BBHMM’ singer has no qualms showing off her breasts, and they no longer make headlines.

Now, the world has a new initiate, and it is top model Kendall Jenner.

Before now, the young Jenner had showed off the print of her nipples in a dress and also on Marc Jacobs runway, but nothing too daring.

Last March, she strutted the Balmain runway in Paris wearing a slightly sheer outfit that got folks talking, but the Jenner sister seems to have completely transformed as she was spotted yesterday, walking down the streets of New York with her friends, in a completely revealing sheer top that had her full assets on display.

Meet the new Kendall:




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