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K Michelle Shows Us She Can Speak “Nigerian” In New Videos



America singer, K. Michelle has caught the Nigerian bug.

In a series of videos shared on her Instagram today, the singer does her best imitation of the Nigerian Pidgin-English, using slangs like, “how far”, “wetin dey happen” and “mumu”.

She captioned the first video she shared, “speaking my Nigerian”, which didn’t quite sit well with her Nigerian followers who were quick to tell her that Nigerian isn’t a language.

The star wasn’t backing down however, she went on to tell them that she indeed knew what she was on about as what she was speaking is Nigerian Pidgin English.

See the videos below!

She ended her “Nigerian” speaking session with a third video and in the caption she gave a shout out to rapper Wale and asked if she was killing it. “Speaking. Love Nigeria. @wale how far my guy? I’m killing it huh?” she wrote.