How To Ask A Girl Out The Right Way


How To Ask A Girl Out The Right Way

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know, right? Get your ass out there and go out on a limb. Asking a girl out should be simple if you follow these tips.

When it comes to asking out women, there really is no all-encompassing formula. Every woman is different, and you should approach them differently, as well. Knowing where you stand in her life is extremely important, so you know just how much wooing you need to do to sweet-talk her into giving you that “yes.”

So, how do you ask a girl out? First, you have to know where you stand on the “closeness” scale.

The closeness scale

Before we dive into how to successfully ask a girl out, you must identify your already-existing relationship with your would-be love.

#1 If she’s a complete stranger.

Coming up to a stranger and asking her to go out with you may be as daunting as jumping off a plane to skydive for the first time. However, if you look at it, it’s easy as pie.

For starters, you really lose nothing if she’s not interested. Well, maybe a little embarrassment that you can easily brush off, but that’s about it. However, if you ask her out and she says “yes,” then you’re the man!

#2 If you’ve just met her.

If you met her at a party and you dig each other *at least you think so*, the secret here is to ask for her number—or, more romantically, ask where she usually hangs out or where she works.

If you have her number, call her and ask her out for lunch. Another option is to show up to where she usually hangs out and from there ask her out on a date.

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