General Pype Returns, To Release Debut Album


General Pype Returns, To Release Debut Album

Seeing General Pype resurface after a long hiatus from the music industry gives his fans joy and they’ve been expressing their excitements via social media since the release of his latest single, “The Seed” (Download The Seed)

The dance-hall singer in a new interview with Metro FM reveals he’s ready to drop his debut album that he’s been procrastinating on for over two years.

According to General Pype;

“Basically, we’ve been working. I mean, every time I’ve been on the radio in the past 2-3 years, it has always been like the album is dropping very soon but right now I don’t want to say that, I just want it to happen,’ he said in a recent interview on Metro FM‘s ‘The Dropspot Show’.

‘So basically we have a whole lot of songs dropping just like ‘Seed’ came out of the blues. A lot of things, a lot videos and audios are coming out and we’re working officially to drop the album, the debut album.

‘The album has been the major focus and getting my team together, we’ve been recruiting, we’ve been grooming ourselves towards the big days. Trust me, I’m coming with my battalion fully armed. My songs are my weapons. Music, my words are what I consider my weapon. Weapon to do good things in the hearts of the youths,” he further said.

The dread-locks singer is famous his collaborative song titled “Teaser” with M.I Abaga and “Champion” which were released in 2009.



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