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Do You Miss Your Ex or Think About Them Often?


Do You Miss Your Ex or Think About Them Often

Does your ex slip into your mind often, even when you wish they wouldn’t? Use these 6 reasons and 5 thoughts to truly understand what you’re feeling.

Most of us think about our exes often. And sometimes, the thoughts linger for months, and at times, years after the relationship has ended.

We think about exes or miss them for many different reasons.

But beyond just losing yourself in thoughts, it’s important to know why your ex haunts your mind in order to understand what you have to do next.

Lingering thoughts of an ex can be a harmless walk down memory lane.

But at the same time, thinking about your ex can also lead to sleepless nights, unnecessary late night texts, or futile phone calls proclaiming your unfailing love.

So if you truly want to do something about this, it’s best to know why exactly you’re thinking about your ex, and then understand what direction you should head.

The story of my ex and I

I dated my ex for over three years, and for a while I truly thought he was THE ONE.

We met through mutual friends, and after a rather unconventional beginning *which involved broken by-laws and car impounds* we headed down our rocky relationship journey.

Every relationship has it’s up and downs. At least that’s what I told myself when I was constantly feeling unsatisfied, and unhappy. The majority of the time I was completely physically and emotionally neglected by my ex.

I discovered much later that my ex was not emotionally available, and therefore we were at a massive standstill in our relationship. I was ready to move forward, together, and he could not even admit to himself what he wanted and needed, let alone another person.

We lived together in a cute apartment in an up and coming neighborhood, had an amazing group of friends, and we were both following our personal career paths. Our lives looked good, but our relationship was anything but healthy.

We were far from happy. After one break up, a reunion, some time, and a lot of reflection I finally admitted to myself that he didn’t truly love me the way I loved him, and ended it.

The break-up was far from smooth and happened over two months of extremely confusing meet-ups, booty (like) calls, personal confessions and extremely honest conversations. For the first time, my ex was finally opening up and communicating. It was what I had wanted our entire relationship, but I also knew it was too late.

I knew that we weren’t meant to be together, and that I could never force him to love me the way I had loved him. So when I started thinking about my ex again years after being apart, I was confused. Why was I suddenly thinking about him again after everything we had been through?

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