DJ Khaled Unveils Artwork For Major Key Album


dj khaled

DJ Khaled was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday night (June 23) and unveiled the cover art for his upcoming album Major Key. The animated hitmaker blessed the audience and fans worldwide with the colorful cover, which features an array of flowers surrounding Khaled while he sits on a throne with a huge lion just inches away from him.

You can feel the intensity from the Major Key artwork through you television screen.

“The album cover is 100 percent authentic,” Khaled said when he revealed that the lion in the cover is real and not photoshopped.

“What I represent from my spiritual vibes to my beliefs and not just that, but a certain energy that I keep around me. Positivity but, at the same time, as a king. A positive king.”

As the talk continued, Khaled discussed his excitement about him and his girlfriend expecting their first child. Khaled’s fiancée Nicole is expecting to give birth to a baby boy in the fall. The hit record maker and social media maven said that he’s planning to Snapchat the entire birth of his first child

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