5 Tricks Everyone Should Know About Snapchat


5 Tricks Everyone Should Know About Snapchat

Nigerians have proven that Snapchat is indeed addictive! The moment you find anyone with their nose in their phone these days, he or she is most probably checking their feeds and uploading snaps.

A user can send any of the “snaps” or images created on the app to friends, which deletes itself after a couple of hours.

While the app can create a lot of fun, it, however, has a complex user interface which makes it very hard to use, and as such, so many users are unaware of more than half of the things they could do with it.

For users looking to graduate from the basic level of just sending photos & videos to friends. Here is a list of 5 cool tricks that will ensure users make the most out of the app and even impress their friends.

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