4 Great Ways To Maintain A Healthy Computer


4 Great Ways To Maintain A Healthy Computer

Computers are man’s new best friend. Almost everyone owns a computer system or computerized gadget in Nigeria today, and with good reason: they make life easier.

These computers, are like the human body. While they are ardent in performing various imputed tasks, they need to be cared for and maintained to ensure they never break down or crash.

The great  thing is that it does not take much effort to keep everything in check, though, as all you need to do is follow the instructions that come with the system. Maintaining and nurturing your computer will provide you with substantially higher speeds, both via RAM and on the internet, regardless of your hardware setup and configurations as well as fewer system errors.

If you owna computer, and you are looking to benefit from the perks of owning a healthy computer.

Clean up your OS

Most computer users in Nigeria opt for Windows rather than Android or iOS as the operating system is easier to use and cheaper to manage. However, the Windows OS can sometimes  save a lot of unnecessary files that will slow down the entire system and even cause all sorts of system errors.

To maintain a healthy computer, it is important to install an app or extension that can clear out most of the unneeded data automatically, also further optimizing your OS. Basically, ensure you clean the OS each month as well as delete unneeded folders, and files.

Run antivirus and spyware scans regularly

As long as your computer gets connected to the computer at intervals, it is essential that you install an antivirus software, that way you protect your computer from harmful viruses adware and spyware. 

Even if your computer has an inbuilt defender it helps to add an extra layer of security. There are a myriad of Free and effective programs available to do this and installing them takes minutes. A few of the most trusted free programs include: Panda Free 2015 , Avira , AVG, Avast and  Bitdefender

Update everything

Another way to keep your computer healthy is to always check for updates for your computer hardware and software.

Updates help the computer tackle issues that may have come up due to manufacturing error and fixes, also, they accelerate computer processes.

Luckily some computers have automated update programs that check for updated drivers, and for software patches. An alternative way to recieve updates is to go to the support section of the computer manufacturer’s website, to get tips on updates.

Deep clean your computer hardware

Most computer users tend to neglect the hardware of the computer as they do not see what impact it may have on the functionality of the computer. But then, it does. Aside from the hardware looking dirty,  a dustycomputer will trap heat, which can reduce its performance and lifespan. 

Endeavor to dust and deep clean your computer once every year at least. Deep cleaning involves unplugging every cable from the back and front of your rig and removing all add-in cards, RAM, and storage drives, dusting them out, then popping everything back inside the case . If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, you can take it to a computer shop.

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